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Articles related to 'Dead Centre'

 This page relates to a list of articles that clarify certain aspects of the book for those who are interested. They are not required reading and you certainly don't have to read them to be able to follow the book.

They are background reading if you like.

 For example, many readers may not know much about Wales, which is mentioned in 'Dead Centre', sur you can go off and read about it on Wikipedia if you like, or you can just come here and get a flavour for it.

 I am not sure which aspects I will cover in these short articles, so if you are reading or have read 'Dead Centre' and would like clarification on anything, please drom me a line and I will write it.

 Please try to do that before I start my next novel though, or you may have to wait a while, as I don't like to break the flow of concentration once I get started.

 Who does?

 For the moment, all I can say is, expect articles on bombers, Wales, the cities mentioned in this book, perhaps the SAS, or Special Air Services and even the mafia!


    This is the story of the fictional Persian queen Scheherazade, who told the stories of the One Thousand and One Arabian nights. Scheherazade was also the name of the department store in Dead Centre
    Iraq is known as the cradle of civilisation and the birthplace of writing. I have used Baghdad, Iraq's capital in my book Dead Centre.
  • Baghdad - the Capital of Iraq
    Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, probably sits on an area that has had at least a village called Baghdad on it for 5,000 years! The name Baghdad could mean either 'Given by God' or 'Fertile Plains'.
  • Terrorism and Terrorists
    There are six major forms of terrorism and terrorists, but there is no internationally-accepted definition of the word terrorism. Read on to fnd out what terrorisms has come to mean...
  • London Bombings 2005
    The 7th July 2005 London bombings were shocking acts of terrorism that shook the UK capital. However, it soon rturned to normal although with an increased awareness of security
  • Bombs and Bombing
    The use of bombs and bombing may surprise or shock you, but how much do you know about it? The Chinese first invented bombs about 1,000 years ago.
  • Wales - Cymru - Brythoniad - Welsh
    Wales is a country within the United Kingdom. It has it's own language, Welsh, culture, cuisine and tradition and it goes back thousands of years before the 'English' arrived
  • St Davids Pembroke and Pembrokeshire
    St. David's lies in Pembrokeshire, south Wales, the most westrly county in the country. It was also the most heavily fortified by the invading Romans, Normans and English
    Interpol stands for The International Criminal Police Organization, and it is based in Lyon. Interpol is the second largerst intergovernmental organisation after the United nations
    The term mafia refers specifically to the Sicilian or American mafia organised crime syndicates. Other countries may call their criminals 'mafia', but they are usually unorganised.

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