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3:59pm Friday 2nd May 2014 in Local News

 "Dead Centre": author Owen Jones

ST DAVIDS and suicide bombers – these are not two things that you would usually associate with each other, but that is indeed that case in a new book.

Welsh author Owen Jones has recently published ‘Dead Centre,’ a thriller about two former Welsh SAS soldiers who are running an agency for suicide bombers on a farm just outside of St Davids.

The story starts with a bomb going off in a department store in Baghdad, leaving nearly 200 people dead or wounded.

Eagle-eyed Captain Ali Allawi of the national police is appointed to head the investigation.

He has no clues to go on and no organisation claims responsibility, but he soon realises he is facing a new threat, one that appears to be unpredictable and unstoppable.

Captain Allawi and police forces from around the world must combine their skills to try a defeat this terrorist gang.

It is a truly international story that takes the reader to Baghdad, Marseille, Essen, Belfast, New York and London, Wales and Thailand.

Asked why he chose St Davids as a location for the book, Owen said: “I chose the location because I wanted it to be in south Wales and remote. I thought it the ideal place to hide a suicide bombers' agency.

“My father's mother was probably from that area and my step mum of 35 years is from Carmarthen.”


My thanks to Ceri Coleman-Phillips of the Western Telegraph in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, west Wales, where a lot of the action in this book, Dead Centre, takes place.

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Dead Centre is the latest action novel by +Owen Jones